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About Us

PROUDLY ORIGINAL!  On December 9th, 2009, we opened Chico’s Mad Dash as the nation's first Personal Pizza concept, baked in less than 180 seconds.  Fast enough for Drive-Thru, Fresh enough to love! While others now imitate us, it’s hard to copy an original. We remain dedicated to your quick baked artisan pizza, keeping Mad Dash fun, fresh, and making your visit with us an exceptional one.

Prior to Mad Dash, the average time to produce a quality, fresh and customized pizza (14 minutes) was longer than the patience of a typical drive thru or walk up patron. New cooking technology and methods pioneered by Mad Dash now allow for single sized pizzas, individually customized, to be baked to order in two minutes or less.

Mad Dash Pizza is a local concept founded by a group of family members and close friends. Six years later, the core ideas of Mad Dash are starting to sprout up throughout the nation, ushering in a new and quickly developing food service category. As the original pioneer of quick baked personal pizza, and with and six years of history, Mad Dash looks forward to the future.  We like to think it all started here in Chico.

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